About IMAI


IMAI formally came into existence in 26 December 2010. It is an association Formed by the young industrialists from the city of Nagpur who are into manufacturing of various products making use of the latest technologies and services, who are aiming for the improvement of the efficiency and economy of various other industries and companies. Now, it has its Registered Office at the following address, under the jurisdiction of the registrar of the companies in Mumbai:  2nd floor, 98-A Vaishnavi Bhavan, Central Avenue Road, Nagpur-440018.

Is is an association formed for the growth and betterment of the industries nationwide. An organization whose prime objective is to promote goodwill and friendship among the Industrial Communities. And a group of people working hard to promote awareness among Indian industrialists through educational, cultural and social activities.



This Association is formed primarily to help the industrialists grow and develop nationally. Moreover, there are a few more aspects and reasons for the formation of such an organization which are listed below:

We all are aware about the deficiency in the social field of our industries. IMAI gives opportunities to the industrialists to represent and to establish their industries and companies in the development field. IMAI maintains a close bond with the Central and the State Government and also the Local Authorities so that the members can avail the benefits and get help when it comes to all the legal matters and the members will also be provided with the latest and revised laws and regulations made by the Government.

We establish just and equitable traditions and principles to maintain uniformity of control, rules, regulations and usages in the trade of the said business. It was about government "stepping up its own role in equipping people and companies to maximize their potential". This would involve policies like more skills training and better use of public procurement.
We are also aware of the many problems that some of us in the Muslim community have to face for the development of our businesses. IMAI will help all its members by looking into each and every such issue and will also try to solve it.
IMAI is an organization which will help all its members in all possible ways. The Association will always be ready to help its needy members and their families.

By working together in the Association, there will be an exchange of ideas and the past experiences of the well renounced industrialists. These experiences and wisdom provided by such great industrialists will prove to be very useful for the members who want to start their own business. This provides a great and a very precious learning experience. All the beginners will gain expertise as they will get lots of exposure and all the help needed to start their own business.
By working together, the members will highlight the holy principles of Islam and get some lifetime experiences and lots of exposure. The members also get to know some renounced people in the Association which will help them make a recognizable place in the society.

It is an Association that is created for the help of the people who are interested to start their own business. So for them it’s a huge opportunity which will help them in every possible way to make their dream come true. They can come over all the resistances that have always been coming in their way to conquer their dream. All kinds of help will be provided by the whole team of people including some great and successful industrialists who are members of IMAI.

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